Samsung Galaxy 42mm Smart Watch

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Snaffle says…

While we completely appreciate the benefits of a watch that helps you keep fit, we can also see the benefits of one that doesn’t remind you every time you’re not keeping fit but does allow you to put the power of everyday living at the touch of a wrist.

Samsung says…

Outsmart Life. Enjoy connectivity and freedom with the new Galaxy Watch with cellular connectivity. Talk and text, maintain your health and wellness goals, and stay connected with a long-lasting battery, while making every minute of your day count with a view of your calendar.

The Best Bits

  • Not only is the watch full of tech, but it looks classy. You’ll never want to take it off!

  • Easily answer or reject calls from your wrist
  • Make it yours by customising the display
  • Bop around all day by listening to music on the go
  • Keep track of your fitness goals