Google Pixel 4 64GB Clearly White

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Snaffle says…

You might have heard of Google. If not, you could always Google them… oh. In their own words this is “the Google phone” and if you live in the Google environment that may be just the right reason to pick up a phone with all the power you’d expect of the tech behemoth.

Google says…

Your Pixel just got more helpful. Pixel is built the Google way, so it keeps getting more helpful with each feature drop. New features and apps are added through software boosts so that your Pixel gets better over time.

The Best Bits

  • Frequent Faces learns the people you photograph the most and captures Top Shot photos

  • Get more done with your voice. Google Assistant provides an easy and fast way to control your phone and apps on the go
  • Your Google Assistant can send texts, find answers, get travel times and much more!
  • Quick Gestures uses radar to sense motion, helping you control your Pixel 4