Apple iPhone 13 Pro 256GB Gold

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Snaffle says…

Make no mistake, the Apple iPhone 13 Pro 256GB has received quite the upgrade and has been loaded with new features and upgrades! Its A15 Bionic processor leaves it competition in the dust and the new camera’s allow for superior quality images especially in low light situations!

Apple says…

The new Super Retina XDR display has a 15% higher peak brightness and Apple’s ProMotion technology allows up to 120Hz refresh rate for smoother looking scrolling and transitions.

The Best Bits

  • Ceramic Shield is tougher than any smartphone glass. And you get dust, spill and water resistance.

  • With Super Retina XDR display and ProMotion, experience a faster, brighter, more responsive display.
  • Featuring the A15 Bionic, the world’s fastest smartphone chip with 6 CPU cores!