Coleman All Terrain Double High Inflatable Mattress (Queen Bed) Black

A$5.43per week for 1 year
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Snaffle says…

The bonded puncture resistant surface is durable and will support more weight, so you can get it out for your guests, or take it with you to your next camping trip with confidence. This air bed is also lighter, and more stretch and puncture resistant than standard Coleman airbeds of the same size so it will hold up over time.

Coleman says…

The coil construction provides lots of support for superior comfort, and storing this mat is a breeze as it comes with an in-built fold and roll system for easy packing. Leaks won’t be on your radar, as this bed is factory tested to be leak free and has a dual lock valve to prevent air escaping.

The Best Bits

  • 47% more puncture resistant, 25% more stretch resistant and 30% lighter than standard Coleman airbed of the same size

  • Factory tested to be leak free
  • Wrap and roll built-in storage system
  • Coil construction provides better support for superior comfort
  • Double lock valve is dual sealed to be leak free