Panasonic Automatic Bread Maker

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Snaffle says…

Turn your kitchen bench into an artisan bakery with this clever Panasonic bread maker featuring a unique temperature sensor, automatic ingredients dispenser, plus new modes to create jams, compotes, rustic sourdough bread, artisan bread and scones at home using all of your favourite recipes.

Panasonic says…

In addition to the standard white bread, rye bread, French bread and pizza dough modes, the SD-ZB2512 bread maker offers exciting new baking modes to create fluffy scones, sourdough bread using a long fermentation process, and even artisan bread filled with any ingredient of your choice such as cheese, herbs or vegetables.

The Best Bits

  • 33 Baking/Dough Modes

  • Digital Timer (up to 13 Hours)
  • Auto Yeast/Raisin & Nut Dispenser
  • Easy-clean Pan/Kneading Blade