581L Sharp Black Top Mount Fridge

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Snaffle says…

There’s a lot of science powering this cooling machine but we’d be lying if we said we could really tell you what Plasmacluster Ion Technology actually means. It’s the black glass that really makes the initial impression, but safe to say Sharp have put a lot of thought into performance as well.

Sharp says…

Stylish glass door finish with J-Tech Inverter technology for improved energy consumption. Powered by the Inverter, the Extra Cool function offers refreshing chilled drinks at 0-2ºC.

The Best Bits

  • Sharp’s J-TECH Inverter uses a controlled compressor rotation that has a low-speed 36 step operation in accordance with the usage of the refrigerator

  • Sharp's patent Plasmacluster Ion Technology releases positive and negative ions in the refrigerator cavity to help keep food fresher for longer
  • By setting the ECO mode function you can reduce the power consumption of your refrigerator. The refrigerator temperature will increase by 1°C and 2°C for the freezer
  • The full-rear LED lighting shows a long lasting brilliant white illumination and is more energy efficient compared to a standard bulb
  • Controlling the refrigerator functions is easy with the external LED Control Panel allowing access to select modes for Plasmacluster Ion, energy saving, extra cool, express freezing and temperature control