Beefeater Signature 3000E 5 Burner Mobile LPG BBQ

A$58.42per week for 1 year
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Snaffle says…

A great addition to any alfresco area, the Beefeater Signature 3000E Five Burner Mobile BBQ will be the star of your backyard cookouts.

Beefeater says…

The cooktop is constructed from porcelain-enamelled cast iron, designed to not only be durable but evenly spread the heat generated by the five burners.

The Best Bits

  • Combined with anti-flare technology, the Vaporizer Grid Reflector System prevents heat loss during the cooking process for faster, more consistent cooking and improved fuel economy.

  • The built-in hood thermometer keeps you informed as to the internal temperature, negating the need to open the hood.