Beefeater 1200 Series 5 Burner LPG BBQ with Trolley & Side Burner

A$40.22per week for 1 year
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Snaffle says…

Designed to reduce the time taken to assemble the BBQ, you can start cooking outdoors quicker. The powerful 15MJ/HR cast iron burners give you the flavours you're looking for.

Beefeater says…

Crafted with plenty of powerful burners, a spacious cook plate, and a convenient hood, the BeefEater 5-Burner 1200 BBQ + Side Burner is a great choice to be your outdoor kitchen centrepiece.

The Best Bits

  • Built to withstand high heat over time the burner box is fully welded.

  • For an easy, fast clean up, excess oil is drawn away into a bottom drip tray.
  • Seal in the flavour with our durable and powerful 15MJ cast iron burners.