Ostro Bremer Two & Three Seater Lounge with Chair Grey Bundle

A$41.54per week for 1 year
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Snaffle says…

Inviting you in with its elegant style, you won’t want to get up after taking a seat in the Bremer two- and three-seater sofa. The comfortable seat padding is designed with high density foam for excellent support, which further benefits from the S-shaped spring seat suspension. As you and your friends and family unwind and relax, you’ll be embraced by the back padding, made from polypropylene cotton and high-density foam.

Also included in this bundle is the beautiful Ostro Bremer Grey Armchair, an ideal complement to the Ostro Bremer two-seater and three-seater lounge.

Ostro says…

Designed with contemporary elegance, these sofas and chair are covered with polyester and linen. The funky angled wooden legs and graceful grey finish complete the look, providing an attractive addition to any living room.

The Best Bits

  • High density foam in the seats and chair ensures your maximum comfort.

  • Behind the exterior, S-shaped springs suspend the seats and chair to further enhance your comfort.
  • The back padding combines polypropylene cotton and high-density foam. Polypropylene is a highly breathable fabric which makes an ideal material for human contact.