Samsung Galaxy Buds

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Snaffle says…

Why have one microphone when you can have three? It may seem excessive but if you’re using your buds to make calls it’s reassuring. With great sound quality to go with it there’s a lot going for these beauties if you’re a Samsung user.

Samsung says…

Introducing Galaxy Buds+. Wireless earbuds with 2-way speaker delivering sound by AKG with rich treble and bass, an adaptive 3-mic system for crystal clear calls, and long-lasting battery power — all for a premium listening experience.

The Best Bits

  • A small compact case that takes up little room and can also charge the buds for up to an additional 7 hours

  • Quickly shift your focus to your surroundings without taking them off, so you’ll never miss what’s coming and going
  • Galaxy Buds recognize your surroundings, switching between inner and outer mics to keep unnecessary noise out of your conversation
  • Easily connects via Bluetooth to all your other Galaxy devices