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Why was my application denied?

As part of your Rental or No Interest application, we run a series of assessments to ensure the payment method is right for you and you can afford the item.

If you have been denied, we invite you to re-apply again in six months should your financial situation change. Or if you still need a Rental item, you could try applying for a new Rental with our friends over at Essential Appliance Rentals.

Below is an overview of the checks we run and some of the reasons your application may have been denied:

  1. Additional Credit Check
    If you have three or more current SACCs (‘small amount credit contracts’ otherwise known as ‘pay day’ loans), or Rentals from other providers, your application will be denied.
  2. 20% Income Check
    In addition to the Rental or No Interest value check set out in number 10 below, in order for us to approve your order, Rental and No Interest payments must not exceed 20% of your total monthly income from your government benefit &/or employment income paid into your bank account. If they do, unfortunately, your application will be denied.
  3. Same Day Spend Check
    A financial assessment will be completed on your income and expenses to evaluate your amount of available disposable income for the purposes of making payments. If you spend the majority of your income within the first day of receiving it, your application will be denied.
  4. Credit Check
    To assess your eligibility, a credit check assessment is performed by an external party. If you have any severe credit infringements, your application will be denied.  
  5. Defaulted Payment Check
    Should you have any previous Make It Mine orders we will perform a defaulted payment check on your account.  If you have defaulted on your payments, meaning you have stopped payments altogether from a previous Rental, No Interest, and the default was not remedied, your application will be denied.
  6. Dishonour Check
    If there have previously been nine or more failed attempts to debit repayments from your bank account from other direct debit payments you have set up with other services, your application will be denied. 
  7. Delivery Restriction Check
    Whilst we provide free delivery throughout Australia, we are not able to deliver white goods and larger items to certain locations. It's not all bad though - we can deliver a range of entertainment and computer products to those areas.
  8. Age Check
    Like all providers of Credit, to be eligible for a Rental, No Interest or Layby with Make It Mine all applicants must be over the age of eighteen (18) at the time of application.

Our denial reasons and checks may change, so it’s important that you review our website for the latest and most up to date information.

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