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How do I make a recommendation or suggestion?

Some of the best suggestions we have on how to improve our business and service come directly from our customers. After all, you are the ones using the service, so who better to let us know what we can do to improve.

Whilst we do have some legal and regulatory compliance requirements to comply with, given that we are an Australian Credit Licence holder, we are always looking for ways to improve so we can make things easier, more efficient and add greater value to our customer experience.

If you do have any suggestions, you can either:

  • Contact Us and send us your suggestions via the enquiry form;
  • Click on the Live Chat link at the footer of the page and send us your suggestions;
  • Head to our Facebook page and post on our wall, or send us a private message with your suggestion; or,
  • Look out for one of our Surveys that we regularly send out asking for your feedback.

You never know, it might be your idea that you see next time you visit us!

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ACN 130 102 411 Australian Credit License 402033