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Never freeze these 5 foods!

6 August 2014

Need a fridge? We’ve got fridges! Fantastic and sure to keep your food tasty and fresh. 

Freezing food has SO many benefits.  Prepare meals in advance and freeze them in lovely portion sizes ready for any busy weeknights that come your way (like, you know, all of them!),  keep food for longer, buy food in bulk and keep it stored there thus saving dollars – freezing food is great for many reasons. However there are a few food items that should really not be put in the fridge – some of them may surprise you!


1) Eggs

Never, ever freeze eggs. As we know, when liquids are frozen they expand, so if you put eggs in the freezer their shells will crack and you’ll have gooey, stinky egg in your freezer. Ewwww. If you need to use up eggs quickly, it’s a good enough reason to whip up an omelette for dinner.


2) Milk and yoghurt

We know, we know, frozen yoghurt exists and it’s delicious, but if you put a tub of normal yoghurt into the freezer, you will not get the delicious substance that we know and love as frozen yoghurt. You will get a hard, icy and fairly gross tub of yoghurt-that-is-frozen instead. Cue the disappointment.

Milk is similar – in theory it should freeze really well, but when defrosted you’re left with chunky, lumpy, separated  milk. It tastes as gross as it sounds.


3) Tomatoes

Tomatoes have a high water content, so if you plan on freezing your delicious tomatoes to then defrost and eat later, prepare yourself for the disappointment that comes with eating soggy and far-less-delicious                     post-frozen tomatoes. If you want to freeze them to add to things like pasta sauces at a later date, that should be fine, but don’t plan on making a salad for lunch with a defrosted tomato.


4) Watermelon

Frozen watermelon – greatest summer snack EVER!

Eating defrosted watermelon? Revolting. It’s icy, slimy and not nearly as delicious as fresh watermelon.  So freezing watermelon to eat as a frozen snack – go for your life! Just don’t try eating the defrosted stuff.


4) Cheese

If you love cheese as much as we do, you probably have no need to even bother putting in the freezer – it disappears pretty quickly. However be aware that if you freeze cheese, it will lose it’s texture abd turn crumbly. And that’s just a crime to do that to cheese.


What do you never put in the freezer?



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Suzy Black

I’ve been freezing my milk for years and its never been ‘lumpy and chunky’ what a load of crap. It may not taste exactly like when its fresh but its perfectly ok to drink.

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