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Top 10 TV shows to stream on demand this winter

8 June 2020

As the cold weather hits we thought we’d share our top 10 TV shows to stream this winter. You thought you’d watched everything while you #stayhome, but you might’ve missed these gems.

Recommended from members of the Make It Mine team!


The Good Place

1. The Good Place

Self-absorbed Eleanor Shellstrop lived a morally corrupt life and due to an error arrives at the Good Place after her death. Determined to stay, she tries to become a better person. She meets three others and together with their otherworldly frienemy, they all struggle to define what it means to be good.

Starring Kristen Bell, Ted Danson and Jameela Jamil, The Good Place is available on Netflix… it’s an oldie but a goodie! With some oddball moments!


Dead To Me

2. Dead to Me

Jen, a sardonic widow searching for the hit-and-run driver who mowed down her husband, befriends an eccentric optimist who isn’t quite what she seems.

Dead to Me stars Christina Applegate, Linda Cardellini and James Marsden. The dark comedy explores the oddly funny sides of grief, loss and forgiveness.

Season 2 dropped on Netflix last month, so if you haven’t seen season 1 yet, there’s plenty to binge on here!


After Life

3. After Life

Struggling to come to terms with his wife’s death, Tony, adopts a gruff new persona in an effort to push away those trying to help. A writer for a newspaper, he would rather live long enough to punish the world by saying and doing whatever he likes. He thinks not caring about himself or anybody else is his new superpower, but it ends up being trickier than he thought when his friends and family try to save the nice guy that they used to know.

Ricky Gervais wrote, directed and stars in After Life, with Tom Basden and Tony Way and it’s available on Netflix.  Guaranteed there will be laughs as well as tears.


Schitt's Creek

4. Schitt’s Creek

When rich video-store magnate Johnny Rose and his family suddenly find themselves broke they go from pampered lives to living in a rundown motel in the sole asset they have left, a town they once bought as a joke: Schitt’s Creek.

You’ll find 6 seasons of award winning Schitt’s Creek on Netflix and won’t regret adding it to your list of TV shows to stream, or should we say binge!



5. Ozark

Marty Byrde, a financial adviser that got involved in a money-laundering scheme that went wrong, drags his family from Chicago to the Missouri Ozarks. Here he must launder $500 million in five years to appease a Mexican drug lord and keep his family safe. While their fate hangs in the balance, the circumstances force the fractured Byrde family to reconnect.

This drama series stars Jason Bateman, Laura Linney and Sofia Hublitz, and the 3rd season of Qzark is out now on Netflix.


Love Life

6. Love Life

Anna Kendrick stars in this romantic comedy series about the journey from first love to last love. Highlighting how the people we are with along the way make us into who we are when we finally end up with someone forever.

Love Life is a new series that launched last month and is available on Stan. Some of the Make It Mine team have been looking forward to this one launching!



7. Billions

In the ego-driven world of high finance, two of New York’s most powerful titans are locked in an epic battle. Chuck Rhoades, a sincere but ruthless US attorney, battles with hedge fund kingpin Bobby ‘Axe’ Axelrod as they try to outdo each other. Who said finance wasn’t thrilling?!

Damien Lewis, Paul Giamatti and Maggi Siff are just some of the stars in Billions. Streaming on Stan, season 5 was recently released this year, so there is PLENTY to keep you occupied.


Never Have I Ever

8. Never Have I Ever

After a traumatic year, an Indian-American high school student is dealing with the death of her father while she aims to spruce up her social status, but friends, family and feelings don’t make it easy.

Never Have I Ever stars Maitreyi Ramakrishnan and was created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher. This comedy series is partially based on Mindy’s real childhood. It was released in April and you can find it streaming now on Netflix.


The Last Dance

9. The Last Dance

The Last Dance is a docuseries about Michael Jordan, one of sport’s most iconic athletes, and the Chicago Bulls. In 1997-98 a film crew followed Jordan and the Chicago Bulls for the whole season, as they went for their sixth NBA title in eight seasons. This docuseries is packed with previously unaired footage from the 97-98 season and covers chapters in Jordan’s remarkable career. It’s streaming on Netflix.


The Mandalorian

10. The Mandalorian

After the fall of the Galactic Empire, lawlessness has spread throughout the galaxy. A lone gunfighter makes his way through the outer reaches of the galaxy, earning his keep as a bounty hunter and steering clear of the New Republic.

You can binge The Mandalorian series on Disney+.  If you’re a Star Wars fan it should definitely be on your list of TV shows to stream! Warning… it stars baby Yoda! Yes, a baby Yoda! Cuuuute…..

Baby Yoda


What’s in your list of top TV shows to stream this winter?


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How good was After Life! Rumour has it Ricky Gervais has already started writing series 3 during lockdown too!!

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Ohhh, that’s interesting. Thanks for sharing James. Bring on season 3! 🙂

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