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Top 8 tech we can’t live without

18 March 2019

Technology and gadgets are part of our everyday life, so we’ve put together a list of the top 8 tech we just can’t live without. What’s the number one tech...

10 top TV shows to watch on demand

7 November 2018

You don’t have to pay to access and stream great TV shows on demand. There are plenty of brilliant TV programs available from free services like ABC iView, SBS On...

Google+ shutting down after security breach

11 October 2018

Following the discovery of a security breach in March that potentially exposed the private data of up to 500,000 Google+ users, Google has announced they are shutting down Google+ for...

Top 10 must-watch Netflix shows

3 October 2018

Since it began streaming on Aussie TVs in 2015, Netflix has delivered a plethora of content. And the library of movies and shows available on Netflix just gets better and...

Are you a hacker’s dream? Top passwords to avoid

6 July 2018

We know, managing passwords can be a pain, but if you’re using one or more of these passwords… STOP NOW! Change your passwords to something more secure to avoid your...

14 million Facebook users have private posts shared publicly

8 June 2018

Facebook has apologised again, after a glitch caused the private posts from 14 million Facebook users to be shared publicly. The bug changed the default sharing setting for new posts...

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