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11 tips to organise your fridge

14 June 2015

A clean and organised fridge is a sign of a well-run kitchen. When it’s time to eat, the last thing you want to do is open your fridge and spend...

Never freeze these 5 foods!

6 August 2014

Need a fridge? We’ve got fridges! Fantastic and sure to keep your food tasty and fresh.  Freezing food has SO many benefits.  Prepare meals in advance and freeze them in lovely...

Strange food you won’t find in a Make It Mine Fridge!

23 June 2014

We would like to think the Make It Mine kitchen is full of culinary delights – I mean, come on, we have cheese toasties for lunch pretty much every day...

How to store food safely in the fridge

12 May 2014

You might think foodborne disease is a condition of less economically developed nations, but around one third of people in industrialised nations (like the US, UK & Australia) get sick...

6 signs your fridge is plotting to kill you

15 April 2014

Think your fridge is just a friendly appliance? Think again! Fridges can be deadly and can plot to end you in more ways than one. Here are 7 signs of...

How to measure the space for your fridge

15 July 2013

Have you ever heard the saying you can’t fill a cup that is already full? Have you ever tried? It makes a mess… Really it simply doesn’t work, it’s just...

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