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6 kitchen hacks

8 October 2014

Here at Make It Mine we are always excited when we get new products – especially when we’ve never had them before! 

Looking at our cooking and small appliance ranges got us thinking about other convenient kitchen hacks that might make our lives a little easier.

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After searching for great kitchen tips, we compiled our favourites ones right here. Enjoy!


1) Remove smells from Tupperware Containers

You know how Tupperware containers always seem to smell like whatever food they’ve had in them, no matter how many times you wash them? Try this – scrunch up some newspaper and pop it inside the container. The paper soaks up the smells and you’re left with odourless Tupperware!


2) Use a Lazy Susan in your fridge!

Forget about foraging through the depths of your fridge and discovering jars of pickles that are older than your first-born child, for an easy solution for fridge woes, put a Lazy Susan in your fridge and simply turn it to access everything you need really simply!


3) Use a sandwich bag as a funnel or icing pipe!

Piping bags can be really messy, expensive and hard to clean. Instead, spoon your icing into a sandwich bag, snip the corner and voila – the perfect icing tool for cakes! The same goes for whenever you need a funnel; simply fill a sandwich bag, snip the corner and you have the perfect, cheap funnel alternative.


4) Attach magnets to cups

Do your toddlers reach out for a new cup every time they want a drink? Attach a magnet to their favourite to provide easy access to ONE cup!


5) Reheat pizza in a frying pan for a crunchy crust

Okay, so we all know that leftover pizza is basically the best thing ever – except when the crust is soggy! To avoid this, skip the microwave and just heat it up in a frying pan! The crust will be crunchy and delicious.


6) Cook up a batch of pasta and freeze for easy meal planning

If you feel as though dinner time is a rush and you never seem to have the time to cook, make up a huge batch of cooked pasta then pop it in the freezer for quick and easy meal preparation! You’ll thank yourself later!


What are your favourite kitchen tips and tricks?


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