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9 ways your Apple devices work together

29 May 2020

If you’re an Apple fan, chances are you have more than one Apple device, but do you really know just how well all your awesome tech works together?

Whether it’s an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, MacBook or iMac, Apple aims to create a seamless experience and here are 9 ways your Apples devices just click and work together.


1. Take the call!

iPhone ringing in another room? Answer the call on your Apple Watch, iPad and even your MacBook or iMac. Just tap on the notification that appears on the screen when a call is coming in.

And to make a call from an Apple device that’s not an iPhone, click on any phone number in your Contacts, Calendar, Messages, Spotlight or Safari, even your FaceTime call history.


2. One message, multiple devices

All the SMS messages on your iPhone are also on your Mac computer, so you can keep a conversation going while you’re still working, studying or playing around on your Mac. Just click on the notification for an incoming SMS, or click on a phone number in your Contacts, Calendar, Spotlight or Safari to start an SMS or iMessage.


3. Straight to your Mac

Scan it or photograph it on your iPhone and have it automatically appear on your iMac or MacBook. It’s the Continuity Camera and it works with Notes, Messages, Mail, Finder, Pages, Keynote and Numbers and goes both ways – from Mac to iPhone or iPad and from iPhone or iPad to Mac. From the file menu you just need to choose insert a photo, take the photo or scan the document and it’ll instantly appear in the relevant app on the other device.


4. Copy and paste

Copy text, a URL, an image or a video on you iPhone or iPad and paste it into a different app on your Mac computer. From small to big, it’s not just small items, you can copy and past entire files between two Apple devices. Thanks universal clipboard!


5. Extend it

Extend your Mac desktop to your iPad using Sidecar, so you can multitask even better with a second display, like working in one app while you check something in another. Or mirror screens to share your work with someone else in the room.


6. The handoff

Start something on you iPhone, finish it on your Mac. Start a report on your Mac and finish it on the go on your iPad. All thanks to Handoff. When your iPhone, iPad or Mac are near each other you can pass whatever you’re doing, like writing an email, between devices.

You can use Handoff with Notes, Mail, Messages, Reminder, Safari, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Maps, Calendar and Contacts. On your second Apple device you’ll see an icon for the last app you were using on your first device (in the Dock or App Switcher) and you just tap it to pick up where you left off.


7. Share it with ease

Use AirDrop to share files between a Mac computer, iPhone or iPad. No Wi-Fi needed! You can share photos, documents or presentations with someone nearby, at another desk or in the next room.


8. No Wi-Fi? No problem.

Your Mac computer can use Instant Hotspot to remotely activate the Personal Hotspot on your iPhone or iPad nearby. For Instant Hotspot to work you need to have used the Personal Hotspot once before. After your first time hotspotting from your Mac to your iPhone, the next time you’re jumping online and the Wi-Fi’s out, there’s no need to call out to Kevin, your Mac will automatically ask if you want to use that hotspot again. Very handy!


9. Auto log in

This is super handy! You can automatically log in to your Mac computer when you’re wearing your Apple Watch, without having to type in your password.


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