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8 fun activities for kids while you #stayhome

17 April 2020

The past month has delivered new challengeand families are adjusting to new routines. To help, here are eight fun activities for the kids to do while you’re staying home 

You might find this list useful for the time in between home school tasks, after school and on the weekends. Hopefully some of these ideas will help create some fun and give the kids something new to do. 

If you have some other great ideas for fun activities for kids, we’d love to hear about them!  


1. Rainbow Trail

Take part in the Rainbow Trail! This is a fantastic initiative that is bringing smiles and sharing the joy to people all over Australia. 

Get creative and share a rainbow, ideally where people walking past your house can see it but if you don’t have space for that, no problem, just do it for yourselves!  It could be a rainbow (traditional or abstract) in chalk on your driveway or footpath or a rainbow display in your front window Some of the MIM team have taken part and have their front windows or driveways full of colour! 

There’s even a Rainbow Trail Facebook Group where you can share your rainbows and see what creations other people have come up with.  

Some people have even paired this with the Bear Hunt initiative, that sees a bear or soft toy placed in front windows for kids to ‘hunt’ or find. 


2. Scavenger Hunt

Doesn’t matter if the weather takes a nosedive with this one, as it can be outside, inside or both! 

You can create it yourself… Grab an A4 sheet of paper, take a ruler and marker and divide it up into sections, then put a task at the top of each section. It could be tasks like ‘Find a leaf’, ‘Draw the big tree in the backyard’, ‘Find a piece of lego’, ‘Find an Easter egg wrapper’, and so on.  The kids then find and sticky tape items on or draw. 

Or Kidspot have a range of different printable sheets you could use, with something for different age ranges. 


3. Uno Championship

Now this can get VERY competitive.  Set up a series of rounds and then the finals in your Uno championships. You could incorporate this into the idea below. Or you could even play Uno with family or friends via video chat (which one MIM team member did for 3 hours over the Easter break!). 

Did you know you can even play Uno online?  

4. Famlympics 

Create your own family Olympics, or Famlympics, with one activity a day over a week.  

The week leading up to the Famlympics, the kids can plan the activities/events, create a scoreboard, flags, mascots, certificates and medals. The activities could include backyard games, paper plane folding and throwing, obstacle course, races, long jump, table tennis, a computer game, egg and spoon races, sack races, gumboot throwing, etc. 

Then when the Famlympics officially start, hold an opening ceremony and light the pretend Famlympic flame. During the week hold a medal a medal ceremony after each activity. 

You could really go to town and have some fun with this one.   


5. Oh the places you’ll… virtually go!

Thank you technology! From your sanctuary at home you and the kids can tour some amazing places. 

  • We can’t visit the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria) in person, but we can have a virtual tour! 
  • Melbourne Zoo is bringing the zoo to you, with 24/7 live feeds of your favourite animals. 
  • Get up close with the animals from WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo. 
  • Dreamed of seeing the Louvre? Here it is!  
  • World renowned galleries and museums are at your fingertips with Google Arts & Culture. From  MoMA in New York to the National Gallery in London and the Van Gogh Museum on the Netherlands, and so many more. 


6. Laser Maze

Create your own secret agent mission with a laser maze down your hallway. You just need some masking tape and a roll of crepe streamer or roll of string.  Just set up your laser security beams and bring on the challenges. You could even put your own special secret file or the crown jewels at the end as the goal to reach without setting off the alarm by touching the laser beams (streamers). And the kids might even want to dress up as secret agents. You might even want to too! 


7. Dance collaboration

Have more than 1 child? They could have a dance collaboration! They create a dance routine together. Start with one dance move from one child, then the next child adds a dance move they thought up to the first one, and so on. Take it in turns for each child to add dance moves until they’ve got a dance routine. Then they can practice it and perform it for the rest of the family. 


8.“I’m bored”Jar 

I think we’re used to hearing this phrase a few thousand times a day! So next time they say it, give them a task to do that will bust the boredom next time. 

Being bored isn’t a bad thing, it can help the kids be creative and come up with new ideas. But sometimes they need a little be of help to come up with ideas. Enter the boredom jar. 

Get the kids to write notes with a different idea on each note. It could be things like, ‘build a lego city’,  ‘write or draw a story’, ‘create a treasure map’, ‘learn how to make Origami animals’, ‘play uno’, ‘take a virtual tour of a museum’, ‘set up our own cinema’…. when you really sit down and think about it, the ideas are endless! 



And a note for parents and guardians… 

Cut yourself some slack. Don’t compare your day to another family’s day. It’s ok if the routine flies out the window some days. That’s just how it is sometimes, and whatever works for you that day is ok. You’re doing an awesome job. 


What activities do you think you’ll try with the kids? 


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