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7 tips to help with back to school time

24 January 2020

The first day of school is an exciting time, but can also feel a little daunting. Here are a few simple tips to help with the back to school chaos.

These are simple ideas, but in the rush of daily life sometimes simple steps like these can be overlooked.


1. Remember the little things

Don’t forget the little things, like labelling your child’s belongings (don’t want to lose that new school jumper!). Don’t stress yourself out doing it the night before school goes back, do it in the lead up to the first day. And when you’re labelling the lunchbox, don’t forget to label any little dividers or containers that might go inside it.


2. Avoid surprises

Update your diary and family calendar with all school related dates for the year, school holidays, curriculum days, sports days, public holidays, etc.


3. Keep it chilled

The first day of school can be overwhelming and by the end of the day kids will be tired! So maybe plan to have some quiet, relaxed time after school.


4. Routine

Try and get into a routine, morning and night. Whether it’s an after school snack, play, homework, dinner, bath, reading, etc, whatever activities and order works best for you, go for it. In the mornings avoid skipping breakfast, as it can help with focus at school. And sleep is important for growth and development, and plenty of sleep will help your child get through the school day, so try to have a consistent school night bedtime.


5. Stress-free mornings

Aim for stress-free mornings by taking advantage of having everything ready the night before each school day (as part of your routine). This includes making lunches, filling water bottles, school bags cleared of any mess, clean uniform ready, etc. This will help you keep your sanity!


6. Input from the kids

Get the kids to give you input into what they’d like in their lunches (within reason of course!), then they might be more likely to eat it. Need some lunchbox inspiration? Here’s some sandwich-free ideas, and some tips from the Better Health Channel.


7. Encourage conversation

At the end of the day instead of asking “How was school today?”, try asking your child or children “What went well for you today?” over dinner. It may give you more than the usual “I dunno” response.


Excited or nervous, no matter how your child (or you!) is feeling, we hope the first day of school for preppies or the first day back to school is full of excitement and fun! 


Do you have any back to school tips to share? Share it in the comments below.


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