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5 ideas to share the joy this Christmas

12 December 2019

Sleigh bells ringing, jingle bells swinging, bluebirds singing… If you love and embrace the magic of Christmas each year, here’s five ideas to help you share the joy this Christmas.

1. Thieving Santa

Also known as Dirty Santa, The Grinch Game or White Elephant Gift Exchange, it’s time for scheming and stealing with your family or work Secret Santa!

Place all the Secret Santa gifts together and set out the order for selecting and opening a gift. It could be alphabetically, based on age or even draw a number. The first person takes a gift from the pile and opens it. From the second person on, each once each person opens a gift, if they want they can swap it for a present already opened. Continue until the last gift is opened, and then give the first person their chance to pick from all the open gifts. Thieving Santa is fun and things could get rowdy!

Not your cup of tea? Check out the other ideas we’ve listed to liven up your family or work Secret Santa.

2. Santa Hat

If you’re looking to liven up the family Christmas lunch, this game will do the job!

You’ll need a Santa hat, oven mitts, dice and a wrapped present (a good or lame one!).

Select who goes first and go for it! The first person dons the Santa hat and oven mitts and can then start trying to open the present, while the person to their left rolls the dice until they get a double or another pre-selected number. Then it’s their turn to quickly grab and put on the Santa hat and oven mitts and try to open the present while the next person frantically tries to get the right number with the dice.  The person who finally manages to unwrap the present wins! And gets to keep the present!

Take a look at how much fun this can be…

3. Give back to the community

Giving back to the community at Christmas doesn’t always have to mean giving money, you could also give your time, and help bring Christmas joy to people who might not be having such a bright Christmas.

Here’s just a few ways to support the community:

Or you could get in touch with your local nursing home, hospital or church to see if they need volunteers over Christmas. You never know, it may spark you to continue to volunteer all year round.

4. Get creative

Get out the card stock, glue, ribbon, pencils and markers and have fun making your Christmas cards this year.

You could use fun family photos, recycle the fronts of old Christmas cards onto black card stock, get the kids to draw fantastic works of art and add personalised heartfelt messages.

You might even extend that creativity to the kitchen and whip up some Christmas cupcakes, gingerbread men or shortbread to share with your neighbours, family and friends.

5. Merry LIT-mas!

Channel your inner Clark Griswold and decorate your home to show your Christmas spirit! And with so many lighting options available it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Don’t want to put up lights? It’s ok, there’s even devices about the size of a camera that can project light shows onto your house!

And if you and your family want to check out the …. We’ve got a list of resources for finding Christmas light displays near you.

And finally, don’t forget the simple things, like checking in with your neighbours this Christmas.

How are you planning to share the joy this Christmas?

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