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16 simple ideas to put the silly and fun into April Fool’s Day

27 March 2020

Some people might need a bit of light relief at the moment and with April Fool’s Day coming up we’ve listed 16 simple ideas to help you create some fun.

And you might even have some of these items on hand at home!


Kid friendly fun


Kid friendly fun


1. Make your child’s breakfast the night before and freeze it and see how confused they are the next morning as they take their first scoop/bite.

2. Take the batteries out of the remote. The remote not working = super frustrating!


April Fool's Fun with the kids


3. Stick googly eyes on your child’s favourite fruit in their lunchbox or at home. Or even on all the items in the fridge – “looking out” at them when they open the fridge door!


April Fool's Fun with the kids - worms


4. There’s a worm in my apple! Use a skewer or thin corer to make a hole in an apple. Push a gummy worm, snake or squirm inside and pop it in their lunchbox.

5. Buy or source (from an older sibling or neighbour!) some clothes that are a few sizes too big for your child. When they get dressed in the morning they’ve shrunk!


April Fool's Fun fake lollies with grapes for the kids

6. Take a hit for the team and eat some lollies, keeping the wrappers. Then wrap some grapes in the lolly wrappers and on the first of April offer them to the kids. Or in another take on this one, the image below says it all… (we can just see their faces now as they eagerly unwrap their “lollypop”!)

April Fool's Fun fake lollies for the kids


7.  Create a fake roll of toilet paper and place it on the holder ready to be used. Although this one might be a bit foolhardy considering the current loo paper situation!

8. Get some black paper and draw and cut out the shape of an insect. Stick that to the inside of a lamp shade and turn the lamp on. Then listen out for the shriek.



Ideas for April Fool's Fun in the Office


Fun in the office (or the home office!)


9. Get some wrapping paper or foil and wrap up all the items on a colleague’s desk.

10. Fill your boss’ office with balloons. Or, if they have a window on their office door fake it and use the window to make it look like their office is filled with balloons.

11. A Krispy Kreme box filled with carrot and celery sticks and dip = April Fool’s fools!

12. Cover, and we mean COVER, everything on their desk with sticky notes, or cat photos.

13. Swap USBs for the wireless keyboard and mouse with your co-worker sitting next to you. When they start typing, you type too, and watch them try to backspace or highlight and delete!

April Fool's Fun - Stapler in Jelly from The Office


14. Take your colleague’s stapler, or another well used stationary item, and set it in jelly.

15. On a colleague’s computer download a Chrome extension that replaces every image on any web page they are browsing with a photo of Nicolas Cage. How? Visit the Chrome web store, find the extension you want, check it’s details and reviews, and if it’s the one you want to use click the ‘Add to Chrome’ button and away you go!

16. Stick a cheeky photo or April Fool’s Day note the bottom of their mouse (over the sensor), and watch their frustration and mouse banging as they try to get it to work.


To wrap up, here’s two reminders:

  • To avoid an April Fool’s joke being pulled on you at work arrive early and avoid leaving your desk all day!
  • Don’t prank anyone who you know might be uncomfortable with it.


What fun ideas do you have for April Fool’s Day?


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